the day considered making an appearance


The trains. The trains woke me up. And as the eastern sky began to lighten, I walked down the street, drawn like a moth to the lights of the laundromat.

Alpine, Texas
photographed 7.25.2016

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  1. Beautifully exposed, composed, and processed, and what I love is that early-morning-is-just-for-me feeling. Do you know what I mean?

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  2. I love this. And your few lines. Reminds be of The Mysteries of Harris Burdick — so much story possibility.


  3. Nice attention to detail in your composition.
    And it was Now Open, so that would be lucky, if you had laundry to do.
    It’s a sensible repurposing of a gas station – looks like a coffee shop attached to the laundromat.

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    • Thanks, Ehpem. As it turns out, I was heading home later that day, so I didn’t need to use the laundry.

      And, there is a coffee shop next to the laundromat (and a food truck beyond that). The coffee shop is called Plaine, an anagram of the town’s name. Nearby, in Marfa, there’s a coffee shop called Frama.


      • Clever of you to understand that they are anagrams and not just regular bad spelling, or idiosyncratic something. Do you suppose they are owned by the same person? You could open one in Lubbock. Bobluck Coffee, or Lob Buck (s at me) Rip Off Coffee Chain.
        Or at Yellow Canyon called something like Loony New Clay Coffee and Pottery

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      • “Lubbock” doesn’t lend itself to anagrams, as you just demonstrated. I blame the Bs and the K.

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  4. I don’t even have the words to explain the impact of this image. If money was no issue it would proudly be on my wall. Thank you MGH.

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  5. Bloody nice laundromat. Such is the power of your photos, I really expected this to be a more romantic location, Melinda.


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