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You all know what I did here – I looked through a grimy window of an out-of-business restaurant to see what was inside.

Levelland, Texas
photographed 4.4.2017

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  1. Quests the cards are of no use now. Or the welcome.


  2. Spell check:( guess the cards are of no use now. Plus don’t start with a Q !

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  3. Love the composition. You found a gem of an abandoned interior in this one Melinda!


    • Thanks, Kate.

      My friends and I tried to eat here one day at lunch, right after it opened. We went through the line and ordered. And that’s when we noticed that every single table was taken, and that no one in the entire place had any food yet. We waited a bit, but still no one got food; we actually asked for our money back. I think the place was more or less doomed from the beginning.

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      • Goodness! That is sad but familiar. I worked at a tea shop that opened with a bang but they were so woefully under prepared that they made a complete mess of the opening and word spread very quickly. They lasted two or three years but it was always a struggle for them.


      • There are places around here that never stay in business – like the building is jinxed. It’s the weirdest thing.

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      • That is sad. I was self employed for seven years. To wind things up is heartbreaking. Does make you wonder about the location if so many businesses fail in the same spot, though.


      • I think there are locations that are jinxed.

        My husband and I had a business together for ten years; I ended up leaving because we couldn’t afford for me to stay. Things at his business picked right up, and the business is still going. Clearly, I was the jinx!


  4. Of course I did.


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