Henry Moore and the Guard

I waited here for a while until the ever-changing arrangement of people around this Henry Moore sculpture looked “right.” To be honest, I wasn’t too sure what “right” was, and now I think maybe I didn’t wait long enough. But I did like the posture of the guard, who gives every indication that she’s completely over Henry Moore.

Dallas Museum of Art
Dallas, Texas
photographed 4.15.2017

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  1. I think this shot got it “right “.


  2. I think it works well to have the guard at the end of the leading handrail. I would like to see one with her on the right too though I expect it would not work any better. And perhaps instead someone in lighter clothing. In fact I am a bit surprised you didn’t wait for an angelic long haired blonde in a diaphanous pale dress to come by. Probably you needed a coffee.


    • I did have a shot of the guard on the right, but there was a unsightly clump of people on the left and I didn’t like it. None of the people at the museum seemed to care about microcomposition AT ALL, which I thought was rude. And, also no angelic diaphonous-dress-wearing people wafted through. It may have been a completely wasted day, now that I think about it.

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      • Those darned unsightly clumps of people are so inconsiderate. Now, it could have been a bit worse – they could have been clumps of unsightly people so you can count yourself lucky on that one.
        Do you have a lawn chair in your camera bag, or a boulder big enough to sit on? Sure helps with the compose and wait problem to do it sitting down.


      • I do have a seating-size boulder, but was unable to bring it in the museum. They cited “rules” or something.

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      • Probably one of their conservation rules. “Boulders must have a pest inspection”. Good thing you did not make a scene about it or there could be a new rule. “Beware, photographers are pests”.


      • I have a feeling that “photographers are pests” is such a widely-know rule that it doesn’t even need to be stated.

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