We drove home from our recent trip to Dallas on one of the non-Interstate choices.

I think you can see why.

Albany, Texas
photographed 4.16.2017

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  1. Why not?


  2. I like the high key look – it works well here.


    • There was some really good high key work from our fellow students in LA, which has inspired me to try it myself.

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      • I agree – their work was subtle, not pushed too far, and aesthetically pleasing. Which is not always the case with high key. It is too bad we did not have more time to hang out with each other and find out how people did things, and viewed the world. We were so busy.


      • I have an idea for a new project that seems to want to be all high key images. I guess I’m going to have to figure out how to do them!

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      • When you do, let me know! (Lazy me speaking). It is probably easier to do with film – recoding the ISO as a starting point and then scanning appropriately. Perhaps I should try too.


      • I looked a, but most of the articles on high key images were about portrait lighting, which is the very last thing in the entire photographic universe I care about. I’m experimenting with adjusting the exposure compensation setting on my camera, and also using NIK Silver Efex in post.

        Learning new stuff keeps your brain healthy, right?

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      • Learning new stuff is essential for a healthy brain. I expect you will master the technique in no time. You might try shooting brackets for a while and see if there is anything to learn from that. I have made a few high key images out of brackets I shot when experimenting with HDR. Also, in Lightroom, conversion to B&W using the infrared preset can have a similar effect.


      • My brain is not often referred to as “healthy.” Actually, now that I think about it, this may be the first time!

        I’ve thought about bracketing but haven’t done it yet. The NIK Silver Efex software that I use in Photoshop has a couple of high key presets, but I’d rather figure it out without relying on them. We’ll see…

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