We were all left hanging

The place was there. And then it was gone. And we were all left hanging.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 4.25.2017

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  1. Richard Owen

    I think this shot has a true hidden purpose. It is really about the rectangles!
    Besides the economic conditions at times I have noticed some locations near me are jinxed. There may be several businesses that try a location and they all fail. Usually,but not limited, to eateries.


    • This store used to be a very nice local dress shop called Margaret’s. It was where ALL the rich people shopped; I never went there. After that, it was a flower shop, and now it’s available. If you’re interested in purchasing real estate in Lubbock, please let me know and I can get you set up with the right people. I mean, you already know the place is lousy with rectangles!

      There are places here that just can’t keep a business. I don’t understand it. And, yes, as you said, restaurants seem to account for most of the failures.


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