There is no more news

I hope no one is waiting to get the newspaper from this vending machine. But if they are, at least they can sit down while they wait.

Wolfforth, Texas
photographed 5.6.2017

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  1. At least they can sit down!!

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  2. What a mix of items. Maybe the cone should be next to the electrical outlet. Is there a danger of an avalanche in Wolfforth ?

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    • This is what I learned in Mrs. Rankin’s fourth grade class on local history – the newspaper was named the Avalanche Journal because they were going to provide an “avalanche” of news…

      We like to think the newspaper’s motto is “If it happens in Lubbock, it’s news to us!” because of their reliance on wire service articles.


  3. It’s been said, “no news is good news”… I imagine newspaper people weren’t the originators of that phrase.

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