Sacred to the Memory

This little forest of candles caught my attention first. And then, I read the markers on the wall.

The top marker, for Martha, made me sad to think that apparently in 69 years, her only accomplishment was having been born.

The second marker was just full of information. A wool stapler is a person who buys wool from a producer, grades it, and sells it to a manufacturer. And “relict” means something that has survived from an earlier period, which must mean that Sarah was Mr. Wilbraham’s widow.

Also, inside this little church in a random town, we ran into some friends from home. And home is 4,800 miles away. Small world, eh?

St. John’s Church
Cirencester, UK
photographed 6.4.2017

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  1. Richard Owen

    Such a wonderful shot. I was 2-3 days behind on viewing the site. So a belated congratulations on your show entry.


    • I’m glad you like the shot – I made several in this church, but this one was the only one I liked enough to post.

      Thanks, too, for the congratulations. I was surprised to have an image accepted. (I’m always surprised.)


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