Our tour group got to go below the tower, to look at the system of hydraulic lifts that operate the elevators. It was interesting even though I was busy taking pictures and missed a lot of the explanation.

It was also sad: I thought how fun it would be to tell my dad – a civil engineer – about it when I got home. It’s coming up on two years since he passed away, so I guess I didn’t get to Paris soon enough.

Eiffel Tower
photographed 6.8.2017

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  1. You’ve come up with some very fresh, new ways of viewing this iconic structure, Melinda. I still think of my old Dad when I’m out in the mountains and knowing how he would have enjoyed standing where I was standing. One of the joys of my life has been walking in the Alps with my son and daughter and passing on the joy of those views.


    • Thanks, Andy. I appreciate that very much. We were on that tour, so I didn’t really get to spend any time thinking about what I was seeing and figuring out the best shots.

      I love the story of travels with your dad and how you’ve passed that joy along to your children. I like knowing how threads like that weave through generations.


  2. I agree with Andy – you have taken the cliché out of this subject and given us something very different to look at. I think your dad would have been very interested in these images – they are taken with much more of an engineers outlook than usual.

    My dad follows my blog closely and likes to see me when i get back from trips to see what I have seen through the viewfinder, and to talk about my trip. It is a part of the pleasure of both going away, and of coming home.


    • It was hard to avoid clichéd shots (and I did take a lot, but won’t post them…) Until you pointed it out, I hadn’t realized that I was looking at the Eiffel Tower with such an engineer’s eye, which was surely a guidance from my dad, from beyond.

      It’s sweet that your dad follows your blog and talks with you about the things you post. You are very fortunate!

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