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The mechanical part

I guess I never thought about what was underneath the Eiffel Tower, what it took to make everything run. And then, there I was, face to face with all the mechanical parts. And I would like to explain it all to you, only I was too busy with the camera to listen to the guide (because I could only do one of those things, and you know for sure which one I was going with…).

But, anyway, here it is: the mechanical part.

Eiffel Tower
photographed 6.8.2017

Tray, on the Champs Élysées

Just a little something that I saw in Paris…

photographed 6.10.2017

Chairs, guarding the door

Perhaps this was an homage to the barricade scene in Les Misérables?

Or, maybe it was just a couple of chairs.

photographed 6.9.2017

Sale Rack

Here’s a throwback to that time I went to Paris and spent part of a morning photographing a rack of clothes out on the sidewalk. Sometimes I wonder what’s wrong with me; you know what I mean, I’m pretty sure.

Rue de Rivoli
photographed 6.9.2017

Gargoyles and an uneasy sky

Well, of course I have to post the obligatory photo of Notre Dame’s gargoyles. Nice that I got an assist from the sky, though.

Cathédral Notre-Dame de Paris
Paris, France
photographed 6.10.2017

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