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french dreams

From June of 2017 until just the other day, I really thought this photo was unusable. And maybe I was right, and we’d’ve all been better off if it had stayed safely hidden away in a Lightroom catalog somewhere..

But, also, maybe I was wrong – this rendition of it reminds me of the way Paris felt: sort of golden and dreamy. With wine.

photographed 6.11.2017

this is what awe looks like

That gentleman’s posture and expression was all of us seeing Notre Dame for the first time.

along Rue de Cloître-Notre-Dame
photographed 6.10.2017

and there came a heavenly light

That one afternoon in Paris when I stepped inside a small church, I found heavenly light right there in front of me.

Paroisse Saint-Pierre de Montmartre
photographed 6.8.2017

French Bowls

I got these two lovely little bowls at an olive oil store in Paris. They live on an open shelf in my kitchen, so I get to see them often*. And I wish I had more of them.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.9.2021

*Especially for the last eleven months of working from home.

Careful Observation

Just a graffiti-enhanced street scene in Paris. Those two gentlemen next to the bicycle seem to be paying careful attention to something – I wonder what it was that they were so interested in…

photographed 6.8.2017

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