Ho Hey

The Lumineers! I’ve been a fan for a few years and am happy to say that I am an even bigger fan now, after having seen them in concert. Here they are, covering the Talking Heads song “This Must Be The Place” and here’s a nice song, Dead Sea.

Oh, but maybe you stopped by to hear Ho Hey?

The Lumineers in concert
Fiddler’s Green
Englewood, Colorado
photographed 8.27.2017

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  1. a refreshing concert photograph, nice capture of the audience that acts as if a kind of surface of a terrain, the band and stage subtle but still with enough detail to pull in the viewer


  2. So many songs are etched into our subconsciousness but so often we forget the group/band/singer’s name – if we ever knew it in the first place. The Lumineers rang a faint bell, the song Ho Hey I recall well but I would not have been able t connect them. Good concert – outdoors too by the look of it


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