Guarded Entrance

“Are we close to Lott?” said the Patient Spouse as we were taking a circuitous route home from a trip.  We were, which is how we wound up in Westphalia: it happened to be on the way.

Twin church spires had our attention before we even got to town, and of course we stopped to explore. The church – the largest wooden one in Texas – was a great find and we spent a long time looking around.

Oh, and Lott? It was regionally famous when we were in college as a place to go to get cheap jeans. We did go there, but the jeans store was out of business so there was no need to stop.

Church of the Visitation
Westphalia, Texas
photographed 11.25.2017

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  1. The only Westphalia I know is in Germany…


  2. I thought the same as Sue! Did you get the other side of those doors – it looks as if it might have the same appearance to the iage you posted a couple of days back.


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