Roadside Abstract

I am not a good passenger on road trips. I get queasy if I try to read, and am not always in charge of the music selections*, and start to feel guilty if I’ve requested photo stops more often than every three or four minutes. Sometimes, it’s just easier on everyone if I drive.

But it doesn’t always work out for me to be the driver, and that’s when stuff like this** starts to happen…

Tulia, Texas
photographed 12.30.2017

*Yes. I agree that I should always get to pick the music, with my impeccable taste and all.
** If you’ll feel better for knowing, I’ll tell you it was winter field, and an oncoming ice storm.

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  1. A sun roof can come in handy…


  2. Don’t these people know who they’re dealing with ?


  3. I can sympathise with you on both counts.
    Cannot read or look closely at anything while a car passenger, it makes me sick.
    I have heard that People say “never go on a trip with David if he has a camera, he can take an hour over one picture” true I suppose.
    The other thing is, I like opera on the sound system when driving long distance, that seems to put people off.
    Never subject my wife or daughter to it, so I can’t be all bad. 😉

    Like the image, reminds me of the desert.


    • Earlier today a friend asked me how it took to drive from Santa Fe, New Mexico, to where I live in Texas. He meant to drive the normal way, without stopping, and I actually had no idea, even though I’ve made that drive many times. I suspect you understand my confusion with the question..!

      (An hour over one picture is an hour well spent, if you ask me.)

      This was made in the desert’s cousin, the semi-arid high plains of Texas.

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  4. I do the driving and look for images at the same time which Charlotte finds frightening – there are frequent shouts of “look where you’re going”. I’ve noticed that images seen from a moving vehicle are not quite what you think they are when you stop and take a closer look. Our eyes seem to ignore the fences, and other foreground obstacles and just see what we want to see. Getting the picture is harder than our first impressions. Does that ring true?


    • It’s so much easier to drive and look for images than it is to try to explain what you just saw and the need for a U-turn to get back to it.

      And, yes, my eyes are pretty good at filtering out a lot of the distracting things! But I’ve never stopped and gotten out of the car and said, “Nope. Nothing here to photograph.” Maybe as a way to save face, but I always do make some photos, once I’ve committed to stopping.

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