The Expansive Gesture

Wait. What’s happening here? There seem to be…people…in the shot?

I am going to blame it on a condition I call Conference-induced Ennui, which was creeping up on me after a day and a half attending a professional conference in New Orleans. It was starting to look like a serious case, so on the lunch break, I decided it was time for some drastic action. In this case the drastic action involved, well, spying on those two women.

Maybe the woman on the right was trying to stretch her way through her own case of Conference-induced Ennui. But whatever she was doing, it was interesting enough for me to go way out on my photographic limb and make a photo of her.

And then, it was back to sessions. Stuff like “Essential Techniques for Successful Public Engagement” and “Ethics Cases of the Year” and “Denver’s Blueprint for an Inclusive City.” See what I mean about the ennui? You’re feeling a little lethargic just from reading that sentence, aren’t you?

New Orleans, Louisiana
photographed 4.22.2018

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  1. I like your excuses!!


  2. Richard Owen

    We demand it 😈


  3. Hmm that was a tough sentence! 😉 great photo .. btw


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