Week of Randomness: Fenceline

For reasons that were inexplicable and non-negotiable I decided that a driving trip from Lubbock to Denver would not include a single mile driven on a Interstate highway.

It takes me practically forever to get anywhere anyway (because: photography). Add that to the driving conditions (not all the roads were paved, for example), and I think our travel speed was somewhere in the covered-wagon range.

But I saw this.

Ebert County, Colorado
photographed 9.4.2016

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  1. Man, talk about leading lines!


  2. Great detail and contrast in this photo.
    Really strong.


  3. Richard Owen

    The view was well worth the time I suspect.


  4. I chuckled! That’s the way to travel – nice and slow. Travel fast and you can guarantee my wife will be hanging on for dear life to the door handle with one hand while shouting ‘look where you’re going’! My eyes will be elsewhere spotting images. I love the feel and composition of convergence in this image, plus (and it’s an important plus) that single upright pole to the right of the image. Such an important inclusion that provides balance and perhaps a ‘full stop’ as the Brits would say. And you were blessed with a lively sky too. Bliss!


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