A lot of smoke, probably

My Patient Spouse was the first one to spot the “Smoking Allowed in this Facility” sign on the wall by the door, and we talked about how archaic it seems, that people could smoke in their hotel room. Or anywhere.

Later that night, as we discussed how weird it was that the drywall had been removed from all the rooms, which were stripped carefully down to the studs. That’s not how a demolition-in-progress usually looks, and we eventually hit upon a theory that the place isn’t being demolished, but renovated. And the drywall held onto to the smell of cigarette smoke so it had to go. We know we are right (see yesterday’s post for more on how knowing I’m right worked out). And we’ll be watching this place to see what happens.

what’s left of the Days Inn
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.22.2019

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  1. One picture. 1000 words.


  2. I tried leaving comments on Eight Feet but they kept disappearing. Remarkable composition on that one.


  3. Well done you for being patient….who would have thought there was traffic about?


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