Be nice to people

Do you know what happens when you stand on two of those plastic chair mats (which the building’s previous occupants left behind), then lean against the wall in order to get a little further down for the shot you want?

I do.

What happens is that the top chair mat slides, silently and quickly, over the bottom one, and before you know it, you’ve landed on your ass on the floor.

But, as it turns out, sitting on the floor was actually a better vantage point to get this shot.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.3.2019

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  1. Now that’s one way to find a new perspective!


  2. You worked hard to get the shot. Then you were nice and shared the image and your story! Well done MGH .


  3. Always look on the bright side of life!!


  4. You can honestly say that you worked your ass off for that shot.


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