Josh, in the wind

I got my photographic start by making images of roadside crosses; I spent the better part of a decade stopping at almost every one that I saw. And then, one day, I was done. Just like that. (This is the last one I photographed from that time; the poem with it is almost a word-for-word account of what a woman who lived by the cross told me.)

Perhaps from habit, perhaps because the project’s not really finished yet, or from a combination of those two things, I still notice crosses and other memorials along the road. And sometimes, I do still pull over and make a few images. This one called to me, for reasons that I don’t understand. But of course I stopped. I had to.

Fluvana, Texas
photographed 10.20.2018

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  1. I understand and like this image.


  2. I think I understand why you stopped …


  3. I just read the poem … oh how very very sad


    • The whole thing was very odd. We pulled over, and I got out to photograph the cross. When I walked back to the car, the woman was standing near it and she told me the story. Then, when I got in the car, my husband said, “Where were you? That took a long time.” I said I was talking with the lady who was standing there and he said, “What lady?” Now, I know for sure she was standing in the blind spot and he didn’t see her in the rearview mirror. Or was she an apparition?

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