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Here’s the interior of that church from yesterday. I am a bit infatuated with that diagonal wood over there on the wall, and especially like the placement of the boards, the way they just skirt the side of the window arch.

Menard, Texas
photographed 6.14.2020

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  1. That was very carefully planned. I’m sure the Patient Spouse appreciates that.


  2. It may be just me, but I would have done those boards first, part of the careful planning Michael mentions. Flooring often is installed in that manner making the final result a bit easier to accomplish. I prefer wood interiors (sounds will be softer compared to plaster or stucco) and I imagine those boards will look fantastic once stained and sealed.

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    • I have been thinking about the process of installing those boards so they lined up the right way on the windows, because I guess I don’t have quite enough other things to think about…

      I would like to go back and see the place again when the reno is done. I hope the boards aren’t covered over with gyp board!

      I also really am intrigued by that raked floor, which I hope stays even though it sure does limit the sort of things that could happen in the space.


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