Theoretical House

In retrospect, maybe deciding that THIS year, 2020, the biggest shitshow of years – was when we ought to finally build that weekend place we’ve been talking about for 15 years, was a decision doomed to failure. Short-term failure (I hope), but failure nonetheless.

Our contractor was supposed to be done the first weekend of April. We fired him at the end of June. And here we are, the beginning of August, while we wait on the next contractor to get us prices to finish up. He says he’ll have the numbers “in a few days,” but he’s been saying that for longer than I care to contemplate.

So, anyway, this is what it looks like now. Things should get moving again. In a few days.

Yellowhouse Canyon, Texas
photographed 7.24.2020

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  1. CarolynEliason

    There needs to be a not like button, sorry. Good workers are hard to come by everywhere!


  2. Been there. I recall the Muse storming into the house one morning close to 20 years ago. We were having a retaining wall built. A retaining wall. Not rocket science. She stormed into the house screaming, “it’s a clusterfuck!“ And it was. A new contractor finished it. Eventually. It’s been functional and beautiful ever since. You’ll make it.


  3. Do you have an update??


    • I do! Thanks for asking. The interior of the house is done, and all the furniture and art and etc. is there. There’s a deck still to be built, but maybe we’re waiting until lumber is, you know, affordable before we do that.

      It’s a very pleasant place.


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