A mumuration

If you’ve never seen a murmuration of starlings, stop reading this and go watch this video. It’s five minutes long. I’ll wait…

Pretty amazing, wasn’t it?

And maybe it gives you an idea about why the word “murmuration” came to mind when I made this photo.

“Oblique Intersection”
Texas Tech University
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 1.3.2021

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  1. It’s a nice image and I like that the word murmuration came to you for your photograph 🙂
    It’s a lovely video too.
    In 2014 I saw a spectacular murmuration. A chap standing nearby said he’s been to watch them everyday for nearly a month and on the evening I turned up they gave the best display he had seen so I felt very fortunate. It was amazing to see the smaller flocks coming in to join the main body of the murmuration and it seemed top swell and swell in size. They swooped in overhead. I set a video camera running but wasn’t terribly attentive to it and also took some still images which don’t really capture the majestic splendour. The real joy was not in trying to capture it but simply to enjoy it. The bit that isn’t captured on the video is what happens when the murmuration decides to roost and bring their dance to a close. It appears that thousands of birds plummet at great speed into the trees almost like a massive race to get the best roost for the night! The video on the link below shows it better than I can describe…
    Also below, if you are interested, is a link to the still images I shot…
    Best wishes, Mr C 🙂



  2. Thanks for sharing the dance of the starlings! 🙂


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