ghost riders

Full disclosure, part one: I hate going to the fair. The rest of my family loves to go. I hate it.

Full disclosure, part two: the only reason I agreed to go this year on the Big Family Adventure™ was because I’d just gotten back from that trip where I learned that I could, in fact, take photos that had people in them, and I realized that the fair had great potential for people photos.

Full disclosure, part three: my favorite part of this photo at first was that little girl on the right side. But then I saw those two ghostly blurs at the top, looking for all the world like two scary AF faces.

Full disclosure, part four: I still hate the fair.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 9.25.2022

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  1. Well, when you’re going to the fair from Bradbury’s Something Wicked, hatred of the fair is understandable.


  2. Great photography Melinda!


  3. Fully understand you, but there is a possibility to photograph people and to capture these amazing moments like you made.


  4. Laughing because I dislike the fair also. But also see the attraction of opportunity to try new techniques. Love this image, the joy on the child’s face and the mysterious blurred images. Well done with the black and white.


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