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The temporary situation


You and I are aware of the photographic potential of something like this. My fellow conference-attender, however, seemed more than a little skeptical as he watched me make this shot. When I was done, he very casually sauntered over to get a closer look at whatever was there. He seemed disappointed.

Phoenix, Arizona
photographed 4.4.2016

Escalator to nowhere


After I made this image, a security guard quizzed me about why, exactly, I was taking pictures of an empty exhibit hall.

“Check out those two red circles and how they balance that red cart!”

“It’s so far down!”

“Oooh – the floor is so shiny!”

“That yellow wall is such a nice contrast to the grey floor.”

But I settled for, “I like how it looks.” She was completely confused and I didn’t stick around.

Walter F. Washington Convention Center
Washington, DC
photographed 3.31.2015

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