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The part of the River Walk that’s known as the Museum Reach has art installations at every bridge crossing; the most famous is the one called F.I.S.H., buy Donald Lipski, which is installed on the underside of the Interstate 35 overpass. These fiberglass fish are replicas of native long-eared sunfish.

San Antonio River Walk Museum Reach
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 9.6.2015

Two things about San Antonio


the Alamo*
the Riverwalk

To me, the Riverwalk generally conjures up images of Mexican food restaurants by the water and about a million sunburned tourists working really hard at having fun.

There’s this other part of the Riverwalk, though, called the Museum Reach. It goes to some museums (weird, I know) and the old Pearl Brewery. There are not that many people on the Museum Reach, so naturally that’s the part I like the best.

The part I like the best, after this very nice shade structure, I mean.

San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.26.2011

*Why, yes, I do have the obligatory Alamo photograph! It’s right here.

Trapezoid sky


Probably anyone who has heard of San Antonio has heard about the Riverwalk; originally designed as a flood control system for the San Antonio River where it goes through downtown, it has become a big tourist attraction, with plenty of bars and restaurants lining the banks.

Lately, the River Walk has been extended to the north; this part is called the Museum Reach and it has completely different character than what the Riverwalk is famous far. It’s quieter, and there aren’t as many bars and restaurants. At the far end of the Museum Reach, is the redeveloping Pearl Brewery.

You can see this building from the Museum Reach; I believe it is still a part of the Pearl Brewery operations.

Also, if you want to walk toward downtown from the Museum Reach and start to get a little thirsty, look for the stairs up to the street at Lexington Avenue. Then when you’re at street level, head over to the bar at the Havana Hotel. It’s a fine place to have a beverage, or several, before you continue onward.

San Antonio, Texas
photographed 11.26.2011

PS – The Havana Hotel is a great place to spend the night. It’s part of a group of hotels run by Liz Lambert, whose design sensibilities and touch of whimsy make for very interesting lodging.

PS, part 2
One of my regular commenters, over at LensScaper, wondered what this would look like if it were cropped in portrait format, so here you go:

123013 B

For reference, here’s the original shot:

123013 C

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