The day’s long goodbye


White churches dot the Nova Scotian landscape. Some of them are still active churches, others have turned into other things (karate studios, for some reason, seemed to be a popular re-use), and still others are in various states of falling apart.

This church and its graveyard caught the late afternoon light in a way that was very nearly spiritual.

St. Barnabas Anglican Church
Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia
photographed 8.6.2015

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  1. The gravestones poking into the ground seem to me to echo the windows poking into the church. Great light. Nice sky. Lovely photo.


  2. Gorgeous photo, wow!!❤️


  3. Fantastic shot and subjects.


    • Thanks, Richard. I saw a LOT of churches when I was Nova Scotia (and it probably started to feel like we were stopping at all of them) but this was the one with all the things I was looking for – good light, some clouds, and a cemetery. (But don’t worry – this is the only Nova Scotian church image you’ll see here on the blog…)


  4. A nice image. I like the light and the grave markers, but mostly I like the happenstance of the phone pole that looks like a cross.


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