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Holding it at bay


1. Turn down a random road because you think it might end with an ocean view.
2. And also because you’d sure hate to miss going to someplace named “Chezzetcook.”
3. Sure enough, there is an ocean.
4. View said ocean for a while.
5. Stop on the way back to the main highway at this place, which seems to be doing everything it can to keep those trees from closing in on it.

East Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia
photographed 8.6.2015

The day’s long goodbye


White churches dot the Nova Scotian landscape. Some of them are still active churches, others have turned into other things (karate studios, for some reason, seemed to be a popular re-use), and still others are in various states of falling apart.

This church and its graveyard caught the late afternoon light in a way that was very nearly spiritual.

St. Barnabas Anglican Church
Chezzetcook, Nova Scotia
photographed 8.6.2015

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