Attracted to the Concept


I can’t explain why I like parking garages – preferably empty, and at night – as much as I do.

I also like laundromats and carwashes – also, preferably empty, and at night.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 10.31.2015

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  1. I wouldn’t bother trying to explain it: Some things don’t have explanations anyway. I find your photos of them interesting, regardless of your motivation in taking them. When I typically think of car parks, I’m trying to imagine how some inattentive alfa-hotel is going to manage to hit my car… The empty ones in your photos have a far more intriguing atmosphere.


    • I had an interesting experience in a parking garage last spring in Canada, when I shooting with blogger Ehpem ( – we actually got yelled at and “invited” to leave the premises. Ehpem thinks my current obsession may be in retaliation for the Rude Canadian (as we’ve come to call him.) Anyway, I guess maybe I reckon the chances of getting yelled at are smaller if I’m in vacant garages!

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  2. Well done! Fine image…Loneliness is something very human and to experience it visually is powerful.


  3. Your photos of these are great, i find them intriguing. I like the lines, very organized and with purpose as well as the physics of the structure. They are built minimalistic yet can support such great weight.


  4. To me, they’re all about shades of grey -even if it’s a flat lighting day outside, the different sources of light within the space always through you something interesting…..of course, photographing it is another thing.


  5. I can’t add any more other than I really like it.


  6. I love parking structures very much and this is a great photo from one! Beautiful!!!


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