At the barricade


Earlier this spring, I rented a camera for a week, and used it as often as I could – I wanted to get my money’s worth!

That’s why I was walking around the civic center on a Saturday morning, where I found two out-of-work barricades and a trash can.

Lubbock Memorial Civic Center
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.26.2016

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  1. Breadline photos, befitting the depression era. You can see the sense of helpless hopelessness as they stand there waiting for their rations.


  2. I think they call these “bike rack barricades” even though they are not really bike racks. They have a resemblance so I guess it is an easy way to identify them.

    Nice use of negative space.

    How do you like the Leica? 50 mm seems a little too long for your style.


    • I’m still learning the Leica, but so far, I am very happy with it. I am mostly happy with the 50mm, until I shoot the 28mm on my Nikon! You know how it is – there’s always just one more piece of equipment and then that’ll be all you’ll ever need….


  3. Love all the vertical lines in both foreground and background.


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