All alone on Soledad Street


A store-front mission on Soledad Street in downtown San Antonio, Texas. The door was locked, and there weren’t any signs to indicate days or hours it might be open, or even the name of the place. All of which seems somehow fitting, given its location on a street whose name means “solitary.”

Soledad Street
San Antonio, Texas
photographed 5.19.2016

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  1. nikkorbacher

    Ah yes, the Lone Star Virgin.

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  2. Perfection… the image and the “story”


  3. Beautifully composed!


  4. I ADORE this photo. As a lapsed Catholic I love a bit of iconic Mary kitsch. What is a store front mission? Is it like a small chapel?


  5. In the larger version it has something of the US flag to it. Do you think they planned it that way, or did you plan it in your composition?


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