So, the whole town looks more or less like this place. I loved it there!

Ranger, Texas
photographed 11.23.2016

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  1. I’m jealous as usual.

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  2. Lovely pic, Melinda. Is it sepia or an unusual colour pic? I can’t work it out.


  3. It looks very nice. I like the post processing.
    I imagine the building in the inside and in my mind it could be perfect for a photoshoot


  4. Who or what is Halbert Blog? I’m assuming 1924 is the year this building was erected. Makes a good image, whatever, Melinda.


    • Now, don’t quote me on this, but I think Halbert Blog was the gentlemen who actually developed the idea of a “blog.” Of course, in 1924, it looked different from current “blogs” but the Reader view was actually better than the current WP one.

      The other, less likely scenario, is that there was some family name Halbert with enough $$$ to build their own building in 1924.


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