Dead K Mart #2: Garden Center

I looked through all the windows that weren’t covered with brown paper. This was the garden center; everything’s gone except the row of advertising banners high on the wall.

According to the real estate listing for the property, the building is 178,158 square feet. It’s all empty now, of course. But way in the back, some lights have been left on – are we supposed to think someone’s home?

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.12.2017

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  1. Many of your photographs have me thinking about the fragility of humans’ hold on the planet. Don’t know why this one hits me harder. Maybe it’s the times; maybe it’s my day; maybe it’s the news.

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  2. I LOVE it when you snoop around abandoned buildings, Melinda! This is a great series. The mattress image and tthis one are my faves.


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