One of the great mysteries that I encounter every time I peek through a dirty window into an abandoned business is what sorts of things were left behind.

A spatula, this time. And a heat lamp.

Did someone intend to come back and get the rest of their things? Or did they just say fuck it and walk away from their failed business, hoping that maybe on another day in another town, they’d get a new spatula.

Floydada, Texas
photographed 3.25.2017

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  1. It is for musings such as this that I follow your blogs.
    I have only a hint of your musical taste, and it’s perhaps apropos of nothing, but I was listenting to Carrie Elkins’ “New Mexico” on my Apple music stream and thinking of you when an email of this blog post came. You can check out Elkins here

    and even if you don’t care for the music, at least it may interest you that the video is in b&w, and there’s a flash scene of a cemetery.


    • It makes me happy to know that you enjoy these musings!

      Thank you so much for the link to Carrie Elkins’s video. I like the song, and the video was very nicely done. It captured my own memories of New Mexico. And that cemetery? I sure would like to know where it is…


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