On the third day

It was the third day of our trip. And it was Easter Sunday.

Dodson Prairie Road, Texas
photographed 4.16.2017

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  1. I love your way with monochrome…there’s always to me, a sense of foreboding


    • For a few months last year, I showed my work during the monthly First Friday Art Trail. This man came by every month and spent a long time looking at my images and talking about them. One time he told me that he wanted to use one of my images as his holiday cars, but there was a problem – he said, “Your work is so bleak that I think my friends would think I am more depressed than I already am.”

      (Eventually, though, he did find an image that was suitable, and I printed up a bunch of cards for him.)

      Anyway, your comment reminded me of that guy…

      As you can easily tell from even a short visit to my blog, my first love is monochrome. I’m glad you like it.

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  2. Looks like a scene out of “Preacher”


  3. What a great image this is, Melinda. A lovely lead-in from the Rt corner.


    • Thanks, Andy. We turned down a little road because a sign on the highway indicated there was a cemetery. We found this church first, and then, when we eventually located the cemetery, it was kind of boring so we didn’t even get out of the car. The church was a hard act to follow!


  4. It is beautifully composed – the driveway and power poles and bushes perfectly arranged. And the sky was very cooperative too. Reminiscent of the best of Orest Semchishen, except better.


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