Floating in a sea of light

This vacant building is now a parking lot, and while that may not be the very best use of an old building, at least the building’s still there.

And look at that light coming in the distant window, giving that far wall the appearance of floating.

Abilene, Texas
photographed 4.14.2017

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  1. The light is stunning and the composition is excellent. Strange conversion of use but even stranger confluence of your photographic interests.

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  2. A flood of light. A fussy judge would criticize the burnt out highlights but he/she would be so wrong. That pool of bright light instantly reminds me of emerging from somewhere dark into the bright light of day and having to screw your eyes up because the world is too bright.


    • Without the bright light at the far end of the space, the photo would have been pretty boring, I think.

      Bare concrete doesn’t seem like it would be that reflective, so I am always pleasantly surprised by the amount of light that bounces around it.


  3. I think the light is perfect ..adds so much to your image. Top capture ..


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