Church + Cemetery

I guess the interest and/or money ran out after the sign but before the church. (There was a cemetery, though, way over to the right.)

Rogers, Texas
photographed 8.6.2017

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  1. Perhaps all the church died. Perhaps they buried the church building as well. What is the meaning of the name at the top ? Another good find.


    • Everything around there was named for Jim Ned, but I can’t find out who he was. But it reminds me of the time, right after we moved to Lubbock, when we met a woman named Christy Bell. For like a whole year, my husband thought “Christy Bell” were her first two names, like she was really Christy Bell Zimmerman, or something. Or (and I really wanted this to be the case) her name was Christy Bell Bell.

      But I digress.

      I didn’t do any excavation, so maybe there IS a church buried there. My pal Ehpem ( is an archeologist – maybe we should ask him to research it for us?


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