The Placid Space

When we were leaving this church, a man from down the road drove up on his riding lawnmower to see if we were the people who were supposed to come give an estimate on repainting the place. (It needed it.)

Then we had a chat, because it’s Texas and we’re friendly and all that stuff. He said he and his wife had traveled to Russia and China and Europe. It made our day’s journey from College Station to Lubbock seem mundane. But I bet in all his travels he never saw a church quite as lovely as the one right there, flooded with sunlight, with muffled road noises and racks of worn hymnals and a bug on the Bible.

Maysfield Presbyterian Church
Maysfield, Texas
photographed 11.25.2017

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  1. Simple and Beautiful II.


  2. There’s always something special by simple churches, stripped back to basics. Ornate gothic cathedrals are pretty amazing, but places like this can be more spiritual and authentic.


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