On the night of May 11, 1970, Lubbock was struck by a devastating tornado. That storm changed the trajectory of the city – 26 people were killed, entire neighborhoods were leveled, the downtown suffered heavy damage.

One of the neighborhoods that was particularly hard hit was on the north side of town, near the Lubbock Country Club. Look at this list of fatalities and you’ll see Mesa Road listed over and over again. This is that part of Mesa Road as it looks now. A Facebook friend told me about this location. He said, “See that red wall? For years and years a lady would come out and put up a few blocks at a time, and even slung some paint on it. I was told her family died in the house…There’s a little less there each year.”

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 1.6.2018

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  1. The image and narrative bring so much to mind. Power, destruction, loss, determination, love, strength, remembrance, what is, what was, and more. The best and worst of the ” Human Comedy “.

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  2. I remember reading about that tornado at the time. I particularly like the phrase “slung some paint”. So Texas.


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