No ID?

I had a work trip last month, a couple of days of training in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Flights from Lubbock to Albuquerque are ridiculous, with some of them taking longer than it would take to drive over. So I did the reasonable thing: I drove to Albuquerque. It’s an easy trip from Lubbock and is one I’ve made many times.

But in all those Lbb-Abq drives I had never gotten off the highway in Moriarity, New Mexico, to see what was there.

It was a bit of a jackpot. Pete’s Bar, for example, was quite compelling.

Moriarty, New Mexico
photographed 2.15.2018

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  1. Oh, you do find’em!


  2. Hope you had your ID .


  3. What a great find!


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