“These shoes have walked some strange streets.”

So, these shoes. These giant shoes that I found hanging on a stop sign on Fabrication Avenue in Dallas. Goodness.

You may recall how I sometimes link photos with seemingly-random lyrics (usually from Bruce Cockburn). The only surprise here is that the Cockburn lyrics that came to mind here could actually apply to these shoes: These shoes have walked some strange streets. (from “The Gift.”)

Also, later that very same day, guess who I saw in concert? Bruce Cockburn. Did he play “The Gift” that night? Yes, he did. I love it when stuff like this happens.

along Fabrication Avenue
Dallas, Texas
photographed 4.14.2018

PS: If you want to see these shoes in color, head over to my Instagram (I’m melgal) and scroll down a ways. You’ll probably easily spot the image…

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  1. Richard Owen

    Silence is golden regarding those shoes. Good find as usual.


    • There was a street-repair crew just arriving while I was there. The foreman came over and asked me what I knew about all the graffiti on the buildings, and he said, “I’m a little nervous to read it.” After I photographed these shoes, my Patient Spouse reported that almost all of the street crew used their phones to take pictures of the shoes. I felt bad for them – how were they to know that my example is not usually a good one to follow…!


  2. It’s great when things like that happen .. meant to be! No way could I walk in those shoes .. imagine 🙂


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