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So, this is what happened. I spent the morning at a world-class museum. And even went on a behind-the-scenes architectural tour*, ** of the building.

And then photographed the nook where the janitorial stuff is stashed for quick access.

That actually seems about right.

Perot Museum of Nature and Science
Dallas, Texas
photographed 6.2.2018

*There was a super-annoying man on the tour; at one point, when we were on an outdoor platform, he stuck his (untethered) phone over the edge to take photos. And then, when I started to do the same thing (with a camera)(that was on a strap around my wrist) he told me, “Be careful. Don’t drop it.” I sure do love being treated like an idiot. Yes! It’s my Most Favorite Thing in the entire world.

** Now that I think about it, I was the only woman on the tour. Architecture: A Boy’s Club Since Forever.

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  1. I always look or things like this. I think about the people who work there and what their day is like.


    • I am the same way, and I very much enjoy shooting behind-the-scenes stuff. Just at dinner tonight, we were seated at the very back of the restaurant, and I had a view into the kitchen every time the door swung open. As a exult, I nearly forgot to eat…I think I got some good shots!


  2. How thoroughly irritating to be treated like an eejit….


  3. I really enjoyed today’s and yesterday’s shots. Warning, stay away from those motorcycles because they can be addictive. Nothing like a good old Truimph, or old BMW.


  4. Makes me mad just reading about this guy.


    • Yeah, he was an idiot. Also, he was fully decked out in a T-shirt and cap and big ole class ring from the same university where I went, a place where I didn’t fit in AT ALL, and that even now seems a little bit like a cult. I thought, “Yes, of course that’s where you went.”

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