The heat. This all happened because of the heat. Oh, and the humidity.

We had one day in Dallas, and it was somewhere above 100°, with the humidity not all that far behind. The plan for the day became “air conditioning is essential” and so we decided to take a drive, in our nicely air conditioned rental car, around White Rock Lake in Dallas. And that’s how we found this boathouse, which was built in the 1930s. According to this article, “When the bathing beach opened in the summer of 1930, Dallas Mayor J. Waddy Tate arranged for the city streetcar line to be extended out to the western shore of White Rock Lake. From this 36-berth boat house, a fleet of speedboats were used to ferry parkgoers to the opposite shore.”

Now the White Rock Boathouse, Inc. leases the facility.

Dallas, Texas
photographed 6.2.2018

PS – I would absolutely vote for someone named “Waddy Tate.”

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  1. Quite a strudy looking boat house. I’m usd to the wood ones, like a garage over the lake


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