Ready for the supper rush

You guys know that I love to photograph through windows, so there’s no surprise with this shot of the inside of the Acuff Steak House, with the tables set and ready for the Friday night catfish buffet. (Don’t overthink it, and get bogged down in the disconnect between the name of the place and the Friday night menu.)

On a side note, the very first photo I ever got into a show was the Acuff Steak House, which somehow made it into the annual High and Dry show at Texas Tech University. Apparently I was deep into my heavy-handed Photoshop phase in 2010:

Acuff, Texas
photographed 8.3.2018, and sometime in 2010

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  1. Oh, brilliant…both images!


    • Not that I know of – Wikipedia says the place was founded by Michael S. Acuff. And it also contains what may be my favorite Wikipedia sentence: During the 1940s … population swelled from (no figures available) to 50 people in the 1950s.

      Thanks for giving me a reason to read up on Acuff!


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