The defense faltered

I’ve been making a lot of images lately, but they’re not ones that are bloggable just yet…as a result, I’ve been digging deep into the archives to see what might have been hiding there for, say, eight and half years.

And so that’s how I found this – a little yucca fighting an already-lost battle against the encroaching sand.

White Sands National Monument, New Mexico
photographed 5.1.2010

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  1. Great collection of lines (so many!).


  2. That is neat! ,over the shadows, and the sharp lines of the plant


  3. I’ve found myself in a similar situation.


  4. We’ve already had a conversation about this on Instagram, but it’s so good to see it up large. it’s a great image, Melinda, and deserves to have been ‘re-found’ in the archive and brought out for display. Our archive is such a valuable resource and we can learn so much from it – in particular, evidence of how we have grown as photographers.


    • Thanks, Andy.

      I almost never delete any files when I save them to my computer, because things that seem awful at the time can be compelling and interesting later on. And, as you say, the old stuff can remind us that we’ve progressed in our skills; that’s the sort of thing that’s hard to notice on a day-to-day basis, too, so reminders are good. I’ve been tempted to delete my early pre-WordPress blogs, but decided not to. At this point, they are practically historic (since they date from 2009!), and they DO show that I have learned a thing or two along the way…


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