The problem is that when I’ve got non-photographers with me, I am extremely aware of the fact their interest level and mine are not even close to the same. In this case, there were three people sitting in a car while I explored the church.

And, so, even though the light would have been completely different in here in another half hour*, I ended up shooting-and-dashing, in the interest of family dynamics. Please do not mention this to my photography teachers who advocate the “compose and wait” method…

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Brenham, Texas
photographed 11.24.2017

*Would it have been better? Or just different? Who knows – but it would have been a fun thing to find out.

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  1. It would have been good to find out, Melinda…Ah, ŵell


  2. The eternal struggle!


  3. My theory is: take a million photos, hope for a good one. Your theory is: “I’m going to go here at precisely 3:42 PM, take exactly one photo, and it will be a perfect work of art.”


    • My theory, based on my decades of second guessing everything, is more like, “I’ll take a bunch of photos now, at 1:57, and hope for the best. And, then, I’ll always wonder if ones made at 3:42 could have been better.”


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