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I located this simple tableaux in the church’s bell tower.

St. Mary’s Catholic Church
Brenham, Texas
photographed 11.24.2017


It was just a day after Thanksgiving and Christmas lights were sprouting all over the place. These lights weren’t on, but the lucky angle of the sun made it look as though they were.

Brenham, Texas
photographed 11.24.2017

Shadow Line

Well, who could resist these spring-like shadows on a rough stucco wall? Not me, obviously.

Brenham, Texas
photographed 11.24.2017

The flowers won’t last


Are you bored with your usual shooting locations? Then you might want to head over to a garden center. It might be just the change of scenery you need.

I was at the Antique Rose Emporium the other day, and while my companions looked at plants, I took a few photos, including this one of (some sort of) flower on a wooden bench.

It was a nice break from what I usually shoot, though observant readers will notice right away that this is a doomed flower. Which makes it not all that different from my usual photos of doomed towns. But still…

near Brenham, Texas
photographed 3.1.2014

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