One bulb

This is another example of something I found only because there was a sign on the highway pointing toward something that seemed more interesting than anything on the current road.

Dodson Prairie, Texas
photographed 4.16.2017

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  1. I remember when outhouses were still around. My grandparents farm had one. And Boy Scout Camp and them only.


    • The Girl Scout camp that I went to had outhouses, too. And I see them sometimes when I’m camping. Also, quite a few remote country churches have them on the church grounds. Maybe I need to travel around Texas documenting outhouses….


  2. Hmm, doesn’t look like it sees much use….


  3. One does not need lots of light to maintain their privacy. Yet I want to have no surprise encounters with critters.


  4. Then I wonder why 2 of the hinges are set differently. Maybe not enough light 💡


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