Please do not disrespect

Have you noticed what’s been going on here on the blog? How more and more often people are showing up in the images?

I can’t explain it. And I’m sorry if it’s leaving you confused. It’s leaving me a bit discombobulated, too.

Lubbock, Texas
photographed 2.1.2019

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  1. The question is: Do they know?


    • No. At least I don’t think so…

      On another note, I somehow have gotten invited to participate in an Instagram project that will involve posting photos of people AND short essays about them. Yes! I agreed to do two things that make me uncomfortable: photographing people WITH THEIR KNOWLEDGE and interviewing them! What could possibly go wrong?! I think we’re still a couple of months from the rollout, but there are 10 photographers on the project. I assume that the other 9 will know what the hell they are doing…

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