Crenellated (with lights)

If you think about Lubbock at all – and, really, why would you? – you probably don’t think about it as a location for castles, with towers topped with crenellation (to make it easier to fend off attackers!), do you?

And yet, here we are.

Not really! This is just some goofy thing built on the corner of a golf course office/clubhouse down the street from my house. I am pretty sure that underneath the stonework and fancy stuff, it’s just a regular metal building.

at the abandoned golf course
Lubbock, Texas
photographed 3.8.2019

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  1. Would normally associate this with miniature golf, which elevates weirdness to high art. It’s the light string that really gets me because, you know, all castles have strings of lights. Great shot.


  2. Wow, how whacky!


  3. I thought of Lubbock last week as I was watching True Detective, season 1 (and still can’t spell properly just thinking of how Mr Matthew has gloriously aged into Brando), because in it I heard this town called by its name for the first time. Normally I only see it written. I was quite surprised as how it’s pronounced. I was thinking Luuuubbock, as in lube.


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