the roof of the night

So, the fog was moving in because that’s what fog does. I looked out the hotel room window and the top of this building was completely obscured. And then, approximately one second later, it looked like this.

And, because I want to be reasonably accurate with this stuff, I looked up the building – it was easy to find because our cab driver had told us (correctly) that it was the tallest building in the city. And that’s how I learned this most amazing thing:

The crown of the tower features a nine-story electronic sculpture, “Day for Night”, created by artist Jim Campbell that features low resolution, abstract videos of San Francisco that will be filmed each day. At its activation on May 21, 2018, it was considered the tallest public art piece in the world.

So that blue part at the top is art! Amazing. And it explains why one night the top of the building looked like blue watery reflections and on another night, there were (large)(VERY) silhouettes of dancers, as you can see from this in-and-out-of-focus video:

It was way cool!

Salesforce Tower
San Francisco, California
photographed 4.16.2019

ALSO: Important Announcement – this is my 2,748th post here at One Day | One Image, and it’s first time video made by the Patient Spouse has been included.

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  1. Richard Owen

    Interesting yet on a foggy night perhaps a bit unsettling to see a large dancer in the sky. Maybe Elton John should revise his tiny dancer song
    to fit the scene. Thank you Patient Spouse and our beloved MGH.


    • Do you think he could compress “ginormous” into two syllables? Probably.

      Important Historical Note: We here at One Day | One Image are reasonably certain this is the first time the phrase “our beloved MGH” had appeared in the comments and we are very grateful for your support.


  2. Many thanks to the Patient Spouse. I was so transfixed by the dancer one evening while crossing the Bay Bridge that I almost made an unscheduled lane change, which can be a Very Bad Thing on the Bay Bridge. One of these days I will post a fog picture looking from the other direction.


  3. What an amazing concept.


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