If it’s a a long weekend, it’s a pretty sure bet that I am ready to go somewhere. The Patient Spouse is not so much a fan of this habit, so we carefully negotiated a short trip over Memorial Day weekend. We went first to Clovis, New Mexico.

It had been raining all week in Lubbock – and in fact the day we left, there was a heavy rain and streets near our neighborhood were flooded. The clouds were starting to get to me, more than I had realized, because as soon as we got past them and were in sun, my mood lifted.

So, in honor of feeling better in the sunlight, here’s a lovely shadow of an open window on a metal wall.

Clovis, New Mexico
photographed 5.24.2019

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  1. It’s the little things…


  2. Richard Owen

    It was the rectangles and the sun wasn’t it ? Love it.


  3. Wow, your light : so bright so wonderful for black and white contrast. Beautifully processed.


  4. Very nice 🙂
    I like everything about this shot. Lots to draw me in. Great composition and nicely delivered. Thanks for sharing…
    Best wishes
    Mr C


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