the structure

Do you have one of these structures? I imagine that you do; I imagine that everyone has one! Just think of the thing(s) it does! And how useful it could be!!

But if you don’t have one, please tell me. I happen to know where there’s one that is not being used….

Yellowhouse Canyon
Lubbock County, Texas
photographed 2.1.2020

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  1. How is it I don’t have this structure??


  2. Love that ‘grid pattern’ juxtaposed between the clouds and the subject, Melinda.


  3. Being such an admirer of elegant mechanical engineering as I am, I am utterly speechless. What an excellent job it did in scribing the lines of clouds in the sky. It is obviously a professional edition of the fabled cloud rake.


  4. Nice! Does the sky come with it?


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